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400,000 Got-Aways This Year, Cartels Dictating Illegal Border Crossings

The Biden border crisis is not just about overwhelmed US resources and personnel, large-scale violations of American sovereignty, and failed policies. There is a significant national security and public safety component at play, as well. To stipulate, just as illegal immigrants are not driving COVID infections inside the US (which does not excuse the crazy, COVID-lax policies in place at the border), illegal immigrants are also not primary fuelers of crime in the United States. One doesn’t need to wade into xenophobic tropes, however, to recognize that there are, in fact, very bad people who want to enter our country unlawfully — and systemic weakness on enforcement, with resources stretched to the breaking point, makes it easier for dangerous individuals and elements to take advantage. To deny that is a rejection of reality.

We’ve noted previously that part of the problem with the crush of illegal immigrants and ‘asylum-seekers’ (bona fide and otherwise) who consume an enormous amount of energy and man power just to apprehend and process is that these logistical activities divert enforcement efforts elsewhere. According to US officials, this is by design, with cartels “dictating” border traffic in such a way as to consume Border Patrol’s time and attention. Here is President Biden’s own CBP chief, Raul Ortiz, explaining the scheme over the summer. This was before border encounters grew even worse despite the scorching temperatures:

“You’ve got to manage these groups [of illegal immigrants arriving in the US]. And why are they doing this? Because the cartels are dictating, right? They’re telling these groups, ‘I want you to cross here’…and then when that happens ‘we’re going to slide our narcotics through over here, or maybe aliens who are criminal aliens, we’re going to try to get them through over here.’ What we can’t do is lose sight of the fact that they’re trying to do this.”

Just a few weeks ago, a former acting CBP commissioner said that hundreds of miles of the border were now effectively ‘unpatrolled‘ due to the recent crisis in Del Rio. What are the consequences of Border Patrol agents being distracted, overworked, demoralized and even falsely demonized by the White House and president? Cartels, traffickers, gangs, and even potential terrorists eagerly exploiting the situation. Here’s another former CBP leader laying out the threats in stark terms with Fox’s Bret Baier:

Author: Guy Benson

Source: Townhall : US Officials: 400,000 ‘Got-Aways’ This Year, Cartels ‘Dictating’ Illegal Border Crossings

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