Christian Florist Forced to Retire by Gay Couple


Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist, has reached a settlement with Barronelle Stutzman after nearly ten years of litigation. She was sued by the couple for refusing to attend their wedding.

Curt Freed and Rob Ingersoll were apparently unable find other florists for their identical-sex wedding. They will receive $5,000 in return for Stutzman not pursuing damages against his business or personal assets.

A grandmother of 76 years, told Fox News she is retiring and will leave her business to its employees.

She said, “We are all in trouble – regardless of our religion or not – when we don’t have freedom to live in accordance with our faith and beliefs, when we don’t have the freedom for me to run my business according my beliefs, and live my life according my beliefs,” Rob and Curt are free to choose the life they want and how they feel about their beliefs. I just ask for the same.

Since 2013, the case has been pending. The case has been pending since 2013. They seem to be more concerned with attacking religious liberty, thanks to the ACLU.

Stutzman had requested that the Supreme Court take the case up, but it declined. Stutzman decided to leave the case and let religious liberty cases proceed through the courts. Stutzman maintains, however, that her faith “is not for sale.”