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Donald Trump: Millions Of People Are Leaving Very Boring Twitter

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday he had no interest in returning to Twitter after he received a permanent ban from the social media service.

“It’s become very boring. We don’t want to go back to Twitter,” he said, adding, “I understand it’s become very boring and millions of people are leaving. They’re leaving it because it’s not the same, and I can understand that.”

Trump spoke about Twitter in an interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV. He said he grew frustrated with Twitter after the election for flagging and restricting his posts.

“We were being really harassed on Twitter. They were putting up all sorts of flags. They were flagging almost anything you see, everything I was saying was being flagged,” he said. “It’s just disgraceful.”

Trump pointed to the hypocrisy of Twitter’s decisions on his account versus other world leaders.

“You have other foreign countries saying the worst things possible and they don’t do anything about it,” he said.

The former president said he was still negotiating with various different social media companies and was even considering the idea of building his own social media site.

“We’re looking at a lot of different things,” he said. “I really wanted to be somewhat quiet.”

The former president has communicated with the public through emailed statements to the press while he explores his future on other social media platforms.


Source: Breitbart : Donald Trump: Millions of People Are Leaving ‘Very Boring’ Twitter

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