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High School Student Arrested From Refusal To Wear Mask

A 16-year-old high school student was arrested Thursday over a mask dispute, forcing the school into lockdown for over an hour.

Grace Smith, a student at Laramie High School, was suspended from school for six days via three separate two-day suspensions, she claimed in an interview with Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard about her arrest. She also allegedly received $1,000 in trespassing fines for refusing to leave school grounds.

“It makes me angry,” Smith said. “It makes me feel unwanted by the school system. It makes me stressed out that I have to fight this battle as a 16-year-old. Right now, I should be playing sports and having fun. And instead, I’m fighting for the rights that were supposed to be won hundreds of years ago.”

Bouchard shared his interview with Smith and her father on Facebook and Twitter , applauding her for “standing against Covid Tyranny .”

Bouchard also set up a Give Send Go account for those who wish to help Smith.

“You’re what really everybody has to do, and I believe that,” Bouchard said to Smith. “I’ve seen from the beginning of this, everything has been about following orders, it’s all about compliance, but I don’t really see a real direction we’re going in other than making people fit into a mold.”

Laramie High School currently has a mask mandate implemented through Oct. 15, when it will either be dropped or extended. Albany County School District, where the school resides, did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Author: Asher Notheis, Breaking News Reporter

Source: Washington Examiner : Wyoming high school student arrested for refusal to wear a mask

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