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How Obama Is Enjoying A Third Term Through Joe Biden

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion

While Joe Biden may have been elected into the White House, many have come to the conclusion that Biden’s strings are being pulled. Some might speculate that Kamala Harris’ agenda is the one being pushed by the talking-head-in-chief, while others might suggest that Susan Rice or any number of other staffers could be the real power behind the scenes.

Dinesh D’Souza suggests that even though Biden’s simply sitting, or indeed staring from the middle of the canoe, Barack Obama might be the one manning the oars. At the very least, the agenda being pushed by the White House is one that’s very much in line with the former president’s.

“The short answer, the two word answer is Barack Obama,” says D’Souza. “It is Obama and Obama’s people who are guiding the Biden presidency. Very interestingly, some time ago, Obama himself was asked directly the question of whether or not he might fancy a third term’ and very revealingly suggested that he would be okay with taking the reins even if he didn’t have his name written on the office door – as a joke.

D’Souza makes the case for Biden’s administration being nothing more than a third Obama term, with a significant number of White House employees who previously worked for Obama.

“He thinks, ‘oh yeah, let’s, let’s make a note of this playlist guys, you know, at the next step party, we’re going to make sure we feature some of the Obama favorites,’” D’Souza adds. “So this is a guy who has a gargantuan Himalayan ego. Makes him think that every time he opens his mouth, the world pauses to listen.”

“He’s not saying that the principles that are being applied or any different at all,” says D’Souza. “In fact, he goes on to say, ‘90% of the folks who are there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about.’ So what Obama is getting at here is not me, right. That you’ve got a lot of Obama people running the Biden White House.’”

“So they’re directly involved in that sense,” says D’Souza. “This is Obama’s team. And as he himself says, carrying out the Obama agenda, but then he also goes on to say he’s also referring to his own people who are in Washington, DC. His own people who have created a network of nonprofits and NGOs and various types of lobbying organizations.”

“And then if you look at Obama himself, where is Obama? Well, he’s plunked down in a mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington DC,” D’Souza adds. “Now you have to think for a moment to realize by precedent how unusual this is by and large presidents when they’re done.”

D’Souza points out how most presidents simply go back to their hometowns or settle down with quiet lives once they’re out of office, pointing out that Washington went back to being a gentleman farmer in Virginia. John Adams went to New England. George W. Bush went back to his ranch in Midland. Reagan returned to California. Harry Truman retired to Missouri, and so forth. But Obama, he suggests “very tellingly sets up shop” in Washington DC where it would seem like he’s created something of a shadow presidency.

“I feel that the America I came to in the late 1970s, as an exchange student, the Left wants to undo America as it is,” he said. “And they want to undo its mores, pull down its monuments, change its curriculum, and really remake the American mind. If you will either remake or abolish the American dream itself, this is their agenda and it’s Obama’s agenda.”

Author: Ian Cheong

Source: Conservative Brief : Dinesh D’Souza Explains How Obama Is Enjoying A Third Term Through Joe Biden

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