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Joe Biden’s Missing Illegal Alien Kids

Joe Biden has shown in less than two weeks that he can’t do the job. He’s too slow. He’s too weak. And he’s totally aloof mentally. He oversaw one of the most humiliating and disgraceful withdrawals in recent memory in Afghanistan, where he left Americans behind. He left key Afghan allies and their families behind. It was a mess, even the liberal media trashed his exit policy. He’s now back on vacation because he’s fried what brain cells he has left.

On top of Afghanistan’s collapse, we have inflation, anemic economic growth, and job creation that’s slowing down—big league. Oh, and the border crisis—that’s still going on. We have hundreds of thousands of people being apprehended by our overwhelmed Border Patrol and immigration authorities. It’s probably going to be a figure that’s over 200,000 this month. This isn’t sustainable—and a ton of these illegal aliens are infected with COVID. What’s more, is that we cannot contact one-in-three illegal alien kids that crossed the border. They’ve vanished. So, now we have hordes of children who are missing (via Axios):

The U.S. government has lost contact with thousands of migrant children released from its custody, according to data obtained by Axios through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Why it matters: Roughly one-in-three calls made to released migrant kids or their sponsors between January and May went unanswered, raising questions about the government’s ability to protect minors after they’re released to family members or others in the U.S.

“This is very dismaying,” said Mark Greenberg, who oversaw the unaccompanied minors program during the Obama administration and was briefed on Axios’ findings. “If large numbers of children and sponsors aren’t being reached, that’s a very big gap in efforts to help them.”

The government is already investigating whether dozens of migrant children were released to labor traffickers, as Bloomberg Law recently reported.

This happened in 2014 as well, when migrant teens were released to traffickers and forced to work on an egg farm.

Wasn’t Kamala Harris supposed to be QB1 in these immigration efforts? She was also picked to head the administration’s COVID vaccine efforts as well. She has failed in both tasks. Biden has failed. It’s not like anything is going on, Joe. On top of the scores of Americans you decided to leave stranded in Afghanistan, you’re leaving illegal alien kids marooned as well. Yes, they shouldn’t even be here, but at least keep tabs on them. And no, you can’t invoke your dead son to shield you from criticism on this one. It’s time to get serious on a host of issues and Joe just doesn’t have the stamina.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Townhall : Border Fiasco: Joe Biden’s Missing Illegal Alien Kids

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