Leave the CRT Agenda At Home


Two things were eliminated at my home. First, TV. To be fully transparent, I have a TV in my bedroom and use it to keep up with the latest news. They are charged by our internet provider so I decided to give them a shot. Other than the news, I am unimpressed and frankly a little nauseated by the other offerings.

The second was credit cards. Although life can be difficult, we manage to get by with one credit card. We keep it in case we need it.

Dave Ramsey’s objections aside, it is important to note that we did not want to give up control over who receives our money. We didn’t want our hard-earned money going to people we consider well…deplorable. That was true ten years ago.

American Express. It was disclosed earlier than expected that the company, long regarded as a hallmark of a positive credit score, had allocated approximately $1 billion for social injustice. AmEx won’t tell anyone what it plans to do for some reason. The Free Enterprise Project filed a shareholder request in order to get a glimpse at AmEx’s plans regarding its race-based employee training, and also to provide shareholders with an overview.

AmEx is a large enough company to have the Free Enterprise Project tell it to go out of business. It petitioned to keep the entire thing secret. It made it clear that the requested information was not in shareholders’ interest and asked for the SEC to remove it from its proxy statement. This would prevent shareholders from voting on the matter.

Why the secrecy? Isn’t social justice a positive thing? Shouldn’t you be able to shout your wakefulness from the rooftops? Your average suburban white voter believes you have to. You won’t be invited to the right cocktail parties, school board meetings, or other social events. Justin Danhof from the Free Enterprise Project said: “The Free Enterprise Project hopes we win in our fight with the SEC. Will the Biden administration’s SEC be able to do the right thing? CRT-type trainings are a common practice among President Biden and his aides, and they were imposed on federal employees after President Trump ended them. If the SEC of Biden agrees that these trainings have been valid and upright, then they should not hesitate to vote for our resolution to AmEx shareholders.

It is possible to assume that the company doesn’t want shareholders to find out about the more sinister aspects of the project and so they are trying to keep them secret. That assumption is valid. Beyond that, it is just the usual song-and-dance of people with means to hide their efforts to harness Black power. AmEx wants to be able say, “Look how much you love us, black people. See what we made all those people do?” This allows the top earners of AMEX to avoid the thorny environment of race issues and project a public image as social justice warriors who are fearless. It is unlikely that anything will be done except to make their employees miserable. Anyone who speaks out against the policy or dares to claim they aren’t racist will be forced to admit to being a white supremacist during a struggle session or to wear a scarlet R to get to the unemployment line. It is sad to see that once again, people of color are used as weapons and made into commodities in order for executives to pretend nobility.