McConnell Seems To Be Instigating A Trump / DeSantis Feud


Are Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis really in a fight? There appears to be a divisive dynamic between the two personalities.

DeSantis’ comments on the podcast Ruinless were an important part of what sparked the notion of a feud. They were co-hosted by Josh Holmes, Senator Mitch McConnell’s long-time advisor, and

Holmes is an outstanding political thinker in the Republican Party and a loyal McConnell teammate. McConnell is determined to humiliate Trump.

McConnell is the most “establishment-like” of all established Republicans. McConnell has never been comfortable working with Trump. Trump, on the other hand, has taken offense to McConnell condemning Trump’s Capitol Riot. He stated that Trump was responsible for his actions both morally and practically.

McConnell has been quoted as saying that he would “absolutely support Trump in 2024”.

McConnell can’t imagine making a profit from a Trump-DeSantis squabble. McConnell would lose his chances of becoming the majority leader and McConnell would lose the chance to win.

McConnell must feel angry at Trump for his efforts to recruit Senate candidates. McConnell won’t support McConnell as the majority leader. He has been the Senate leader for Republicans since 2007. He has loyal Republican Senators that owe him everything. It would be hard to get rid of Donald Trump.

McConnell has shown that he is a party man, first and foremost.