Nancy Pelosi Gets Religious During a Star Appearance on a Drag Show


Ever felt the urge to kiss Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) while she is performing in a drag show?

Although she isn’t in drag, she is still a man wearing drag.

The Hill reports that the legislative lady is ready for big shows.

Paramount+ announced that Pelosi will be appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. The streaming network will air the new season of drag contests on May 20th.

Pelosi is not the first Ru-deo. She was present at the 2018 show.

She was proud to be part of the program’s “pride”.

Self-love used to be a grave sin.

You believe that a proud and plank-spanking Pelosi would make a great leader, then grab your remotes and get your remotes.

Although it’s not known if Nancy will walk the catwalk, you can still show your support.

No matter what her final decision is, she will be working in Hollywood.

Pelosi wasn’t the only celebrity guest judge. Ben Platt and fashion designer Betsey Johns were also present. Tove Lo, Cameron Diaz, Nikki Glaser, Cameron Diaz, and Tove Lo were just a few others.

A promotional clip for Season 2 shows The Speaker asking, “Can I get an amen?”

Capitol can host a drag show, given Nancy’s friendship with RuPaul and his crew

This is not a small chance. The politics of pageantry is at a new height.

Pelosi discussed four years ago with The Hollywood Reporter the lessons that politicians can learn by watching drag queens.


This sounds wonderful. Politicians might finally be able to control their weight after more than two decades of mandated vaccinations and lockdowns.

We hope the 82-year-old will soak up the lessons like a sponge. When she returns to Washington, she will be able to share her knowledge.