Some Lefts Are Worried That the Transgender Craze Has Gone Too Far


Transgenderism or “gender identity disorder”, is based upon a rare psychological condition called gender dysphoria. It is not known how many people are affected by the condition. Gender dysphoria can be diagnosed according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5), which is the bible of psychiatry. It’s estimated that between 0.005% and 0.014% of those born to males and between 0.002% and 0.003% to females.

This is a small percentage of people. According to a 2014 survey of adults, 1.4 million people identify themselves as transgender. The survey didn’t include parents who are being manipulated by incompetent teachers, therapists, or psychologists into believing that their child is transgender and then allowing the administration of drugs, hormones, and other medications.

There is clearly something seriously wrong. It is not clear that the use of puberty blocks can improve mental health in gender-confused children. Yet, they are still routinely used in the United States. Many psychologists believe that anxiety disorders can be misdiagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Erica Anderson, a transgender physician, told the Los Angeles Times recently that while the acceptance of transgenderism has been welcomed, she was shocked that 13-year-olds were receiving hormone treatment without ever having seen a psychologist.

Anderson, who was until recently the leader of the US professional society for transgender care, said that Anderson believes it has gone too far.

“For a time, we all felt happy that society was accepting of gender-variant children and that more families were accepting them”.

She said, “Now, it’s reached the point where there are kids presenting to clinics whose parents are saying, ‘This just does not make sense.'”

According to the Washington Examiner:

Anderson is not the only one concerned about the radical path transgenderism has taken. There is an intense debate in Europe among psychologists and doctors who think “gender-affirming care” for young people is an overreaction to a social phenomenon, rather than a valid, data-backed medical treatment.

They are right, according to all evidence. As transgenderism has become more popular, it is no coincidence that more young adults identify as transgender. Gender dysphoria, once a rare mental disorder, is now being promoted as a way to overcome common social and emotional anxieties. The result has been a massive surge in transgender-identifying youths, the vast majority of whom, if given enough time, would snap out of it on their own.

Transgender people who have had gender reassignment surgery are regretting it more often. The suicide rate among those who have had gender change surgery is high.

A large study was conducted in Sweden and found that the suicide rate for those who had sex-reassignment surgery 10 to 15 years later rose to 20 times the rate for their peers. Birmingham University’s Aggressive Intelligence Facility reviewed more than 100 follow-up studies on transgender people who had undergone sex changes. It found no conclusive evidence to show that the procedure was beneficial. A few years ago, U.S. researchers had to correct a major 2019 study that stated transgender people who underwent gender reassignment surgery showed significantly better mental health. According to the study, there was no benefit of surgery for subsequent mood disorders or anxiety disorder-related hospitalizations after suicide attempts.

Transgenderism is a result of a dependence on the impossible. However, it is rapidly becoming a “grave political-medical scandal”, as Ross Douthat, New York Times, recently stated. For which there is no defense. It is wrong for women to be forced into sharing bathrooms, locker rooms, or sports teams with men. Adults and young children who are struggling with the problems of maturation shouldn’t be forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams with men.

Anyone who was aware of the transgender community’s hysterical reaction to any opposition or any suggestion that their approach might be flawed or dangerous should have known that transgenderism has become almost cultish in terms of its belief system.

It will be difficult, if possible, to “deprogram” transgender activists or their passionate supporters. It will be difficult to break through the programming to reveal reality because they refuse to listen to logic, facts, or accept other views.