The Boardroom Initiative Fights for Inclusivity at Bank of America


When confronted with their biases on platforms and policies that they don’t like, the Leftists’ preferred tactic is to mock conservatives and say “go build your own.” The recent evidence of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has shown that the left is completely dishonest when it comes to using such tactics to get their way.

The left has no clue about business. They exist to provide funding for government-led social engineering efforts.

This minority has driven businesses to create equity, diversity, and inclusionary directives. In reality, these directives are merely a way for businesses to placate the minority.

Stockholders in publicly traded corporations want to own stock in profitable businesses that do not alienate large swathes or existing customers. They will be replaced by others, as well as other investors. However, corporations across the country continue to fall prey to wokester jokesters.

All who believe in capitalism can understand it. It demands that businesses do good things for society. The Boardroom Initiative is working hard to develop a program that allows shareholders to demand diversity and inclusion in their investments.

The Boardroom Initiative, headed by Ed Rensi (ex-CEO of McDonald’s), presented a shareholder proposal at Bank of America’s annual gathering. The Boardroom Initiative demanded that Bank of America follow its lead and not discriminate against any group or individual within its ranks.

Shareholders of Bank of America Corporation (“the Company”) request that the Board of Directors conducts an audit of the Company’s racial impact on civil rights and non-discrimination. The Company should publish a report at a reasonable price, without revealing proprietary or confidential information.

The proposal was reaffirmed: The recent focus has been on employee training and workplace practices. However, many people have different ideas about what nondiscrimination means.

Many ideologies are troubling. Companies have been forced to implement anti-racism programs to promote “racial equality.” This seems to refer to the distribution and pay of authority and pay based on race and sex, rather than merit. (Links 1, 2, 3, and 4)

These programs can be criticized if they’re adopted. (Links 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9)

Many companies promoted and sponsored implicitly and overtly discriminatory employee training programs. This includes American Express, Verizon, Pfizer, and CVS.

These issues, disagreements, and disputes can cause a lot of damage to the Company’s reputation, legality, and financial security. The Company will suffer many consequences.

When preparing its audit and report, the Company must consult civil rights organizations. The Company must consult civil-rights organizations when preparing the audit and report. It is not limited to the “diverse” groups.

Employees must be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal, disfavor, or in confidential settings when the Company includes them in its audit. They pretend all employees are represented in the program’s empowered employees. This makes it immoral and possibly illegal for some employees.

Although the proposal was rejected, it is not surprising. Rensi had promised to continue the effort.

Although the shareholder proposal wasn’t approved, it was a victory for Americans. The shareholder proposal was not approved, but it is still a victory for Americans. Record inflation is currently a reality. CEOs must deliver real value to shareholders and employees.

This is what we are seeing with Disney and other large-scale companies. They fight for capitalism’s survival, growth, and development.