Why is Biden Telling Troops What to Expect in Ukraine?


On Friday, Old Joe Biden visited the 82nd Airborne Division in Warsaw. The photo was just a photo-op. As he met troops to cut their hair and join them in eating pizza in a cafeteria, the alleged president attempted to project a comfortable, friendly image. He said to the troops that they were the “best fighting force in history” and suggested that they might soon be fighting in the largest war in history. Old Joe began to describe to them what he would see once they reached Ukraine.

Biden stated to troops, “And you’re going to see when you get there, uh– uh– some of you have been there. You’re going to see young women standing in the middle of tanks, just saying ‘I’m no leavin’. They are amazing.

Wait a minute. What is the point of U.S. troops seeing anything in Ukraine? There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin would declare the United States to be in the war against Ukraine if American forces enter Ukraine. World War III would then begin. Biden, who spoke to us on February 24th, reassured us that it wouldn’t happen. He stated that “our forces aren’t and will not be involved in a conflict against Russia in Ukraine” “Our forces will not be going to Europe to fight for Ukraine. They will instead defend NATO allies and assure those in the East.

He was firm on February 22: “We do not intend to fight Russia.” However, we want to convey the unmistakable message that the United States and its allies will defend every inch of NATO territory.

Kamala Harris may be surprised by the news, but Ukraine is not part of NATO. Our NATO obligations do not include the obligation to defend Ukraine from Russian attacks. When Old Joe claims that the U.S. does not intend to fight Russia, one must remember that Joe Biden’s history of lying goes back to law school.

Biden is a serial liar about his past experiences and has taken his dishonesty into terrible places. He claimed for years that Neilia, his first wife, was killed in an accident caused by drunk driving. The truth was that Neilia drove in the path of the truck. Biden repeatedly apologized to the driver’s daughter for lying about her father. He was then driven into a deep depression by his public lies. Of course, Biden never apologized. His 1988 presidential campaign was halted when it became clear that Biden had taken portions of his speeches from Neil Kinnock, an English politician.

Biden is so dishonest, deeply, and thoroughly, that those who took his statement that we didn’t intend to fight Russia as a sign that we would soon find ourselves in a world conflict were not just being ridiculous. What else could he possibly have meant by his incoherent ramblings about the brave Ukrainians he would meet “when you get there”? Are American troops going to Ukraine on field trips to learn courage? They could also be there for spring break. We would certainly be at war with Russia if U.S. troops entered Ukraine.

Joe Biden, as sinister and dangerous as Vladimir Putin maybe, would be incredibly foolish to go to war with Russia at this time. His woke military has been busy looking for “insurrectionists”, “white supremacists,” and badgering troops with Critical Race Theory propaganda and gender identity nonsense. This agitprop takes away from the time that could and should be spent training military personnel. Even though Putin’s forces performed admirably in Ukraine, Old Joe can’t be certain that our Milley’s modern military will be able to stand up against the Russians if it flies into Ukraine on its high heels. Is he really interested to know?

Biden’s rambling address to the 82nd Airborne was dangerously reckless. We only hope his handlers will get on top of things and take action before he puts us in more trouble because of his America-Last system.