YouTube Chooses To Silence Small Creators With Rittenhouse Trial


YouTube shut down all legacy media channels right after Thomas Binger, Assistant District Attorney, began his closing statements in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. Coincidence?

The Rekieta Law channel features multiple lawyers performing real-time analysis on the trial. This channel often surpasses the number of viewers of the PBS stream. PBS is one of the most reliable streams available to YouTube users. It was being used by many outlets.

Nick Rekieta, after being cut off, reminded YouTube that ten attorneys considered it a violation of contract.

Rekieta was not the only stream that was cut off. Dan Abrams’s Law & Crime channel also was cut.

It seemed like a poor business strategy to add channels with dozens of lawyers. After Rekieta reminded tech giants that courtroom coverage is public property, and therefore not subject to copyright, the stream was restored within minutes.

It was bedlam for a few moments there for those who enjoy watching different streams to cover trial coverage, especially streams that feature lawyers who are familiar with the facts.

YouTube knew exactly how many people were viewing non-legacy media. It cut them off. Rekieta Law was still being watched by more than 60,000 people after YouTube cut it off.

It makes you wonder why YouTube has cut them off.